Creating a digital ecosystem
that answering all the challenges
and your needs

Technology is the main media
for building a nation

What would happen if
the growth of a country is not supported by an advanced technology?

Developed country is a country with
tremendous development of technology

the best infrastructure for
a better Indonesia


We aim to cater the needs of the Indonesian people through a range of telecommunication services that is accessible, integrated and of prime quality.

Telkom Solution answers the demands of the 21st century Indonesians. We are supported by one of the largest telecommunication service provider in the country, and we are confident in our ability to facilitate improvements to the living standards in the country.

Along with 22 competent subsidiaries of Telkom Group, we can ensure the 24/7 availability of an ICT infrastructure that is both reliable and secure.

Constant connectivity and easy accessibility are of utmost importance because we believe that connected people are the positive force of change since they enable opportunities to collaborate and help each other. That is what drives us to build tech-based platforms, applications, devices, and networks so that a digital ecosystem is created and can benefit everyone.

We are present for all Indonesians across the country. We have also been present internationally, so far in ten Asian countries and we are continuing to expand our presence.

Telkom Solution is supported by professional members of staff who are accredited from various backgrounds. Such diversity has allowed us to collaborate in many instances and companies, according to specific disciplines.

As a pioneer in the digital ecosystem, Telkom Solution is proud to help users and the people of Indonesia live comfortably and effectively through technology. Simply put, we are your perfect business partner!

Our Vision

Indonesia’s archipelagic geography and the centralized education system have made it challenging to improve the quality of the human resources.

Telkom Solution provides an ICT-based provision called Digital Education Solution that will support the Government to modernize the education system across the country.

Our Vision

To assist the Government in advancing the finance and banking sectors in Indonesia, Telkom Solution has produced a design called Digital Financial and Banking Solution.

This digital ecosystem will benefit the public sector, financial and non-financial institutions in creating a systematic, efficient, and reliable structure that aims to push forward the Indonesian economy.

Our Vision

As part of the Indonesian Government’s Program Indonesia Sehat (Healthy Indonesia Programme), Telkom Solution develops an integrated system called Digital Healthcare Solution that will connect the Government, Medical Institutions, and the people.

This system aims to improve the living standard and healthcare quality in Indonesia.

Our Vision

To optimize Indonesia’s archipelagic advantage as the maritime axis, we have designed the Digital Seaport blueprint – an ICT infrastructure dedicated to the modernization of logistic management in seaports, which connects supply chains with seamless communication and collaboration between machinery and stakeholders.

Our Vision

The geography of Indonesia as an archipelago has impeded the manufacturing and agribusiness industries.

An error-free and efficient system is needed to optimize the productivity and growth of these vital industries; therefore Telkom Solution has developed an infrastructure solution to cater all your needs, the Digital Manufacture and Agribusiness Solution.

Our Vision

Telkom Solution has designed Digital Resources and Utility Solution, an ICT-based answer that facilitates the operations management in mining and constructions. This solution proves our commitment in supporting the Government’s program to increase the value of the country’s oil and gas industries.

Our Vision

Indonesia, with its beautiful, natural wonders and rich culture is definitely a magnet for tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Hence it is central to keep the tourism and hospitality industries on a level of excellence.

Telkom Solution offers a Digital Tourism Solution, an answer to all travelling needs, in which tourists can easily connect themselves with travel agents, car rental providers, hotels, and attractions in their destination.

Our Vision

The demand of globalization is a challenge that can be overcome with a careful preparation and swift actions.

Digital Trading and Business Solution is the right answer to face the ever-increasing competition in this modern, globalized era. Telkom Solution is here to provide you with comfort and security in sustaining your business.

Our Vision

In an archipelago like Indonesia, two things are vital to ensure a hassle-free travel: highways and a reliable public transportation system.

With the objective to accommodate the Government in providing these facilities to the public, Telkom Solution has constructed an answer to tackle all the issues in transportation, namely Digital Transportation Solution.

Our Vision

The ideal city dreamed by all urbanites is a safe, comfortable, efficient and sustainable place to live.

To realize this dream, Telkom Solution offers the concept of Smart City, a modern, city-planning technology that is not only organized, but also environmentally friendly.

Undoubtedly, everyone living in big cities will benefit from our Smart City solution.


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